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All of the products offered in our web store are considered 

standard ARINC or MS hardware. 

No F.A.A. 8130.3, or EASA forms are required.


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  New Products

Heavy Duty ARINC Mount

Heavy Duty ARINC 3ATI Mount         (anti vibration)


AMI Now offers the MS28042-1 Stainless Steel Clamp.

AMI now offers the MS28055-12 Bezel Assembly


AMI's new 3921021 clamp is designed to mount instruments recording flight safety information.

3971030-3 clamp

AMI's new 3971030-3 clamp is designed to mount the Bendix/King KI 525A instrument  in the Department of Homeland Security's Customs and Border Patrol helicopters. (From design to delivered product  in 21 days.)


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MS28042-1A, 2A, Etc.
ARINC 408A-C » All Products

2 MS28042 Round Clamps:<br><br>MS28042-1A<br>NSN 5340-00-014-5970<br>NH11002261-10, etc.

2" MS28042 Round Clamps:

NSN 5340-00-014-5970
NH11002261-10, etc.


1 MS28042 Round Clamps:<br><br>MS28042-4A<br>2111010<br>NSN 5340-01-209-7650<br>etc.

1" MS28042 Round Clamps:

NSN 5340-01-209-7650


1.5 MS28042 Round Clamps:<br><br>MS28042-3A<br>NSN 5340-00-937-1348<br>NSN 5340-01-304-3561<br>etc.

1.5" MS28042 Round Clamps:

NSN 5340-00-937-1348
NSN 5340-01-304-3561


3 MS28042 Round Clamps<br><br>MS28042-2A<br>NSN 5340-00-579-6359<br>2312010<br>etc.

3" MS28042 Round Clamps

NSN 5340-00-579-6359


ARINC 408A-C Round Clamps<br><br> 1ATI-C, 2ATI-C, etc.

ARINC 408A-C Round Clamps

1ATI-C, 2ATI-C, etc.


1.250 Round Clamps

1.250 Round Clamps

Round Clamps for 1.250 Dia. Instruments

Stainless Steel Clamps

Stainless Steel Clamps

Stainless Steel MS28042 Clamps


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