Avionics Mounts Inc.

Since 1943 Avionics Mounts Inc. (AMI) has been manufacturing and selling precision aerospace MS28042 and ARINC 408A avionics mounting clamps.

How to install Avionics Mounts Incorporated's 2 ATI clamps, 3 ATI clamps, 4 ATI clamps, 5 ATI clamps, shelf clamps and MS Clamps.

Installing our products is simple. Please follow the following steps for proper use. 

1.0  Step one, remove screws form the mounting device.


2.0 Hold the mounting clamp against the rear of the panel and insert the mounting screws through the panel and screw them into the clamp's mounting lugs until the clamp is snug against the panel. Note: At this point, do not tighten the screws.


3. Insert the adjusting screws through the panel and start them into the threads of the adjusting brackets.


4. Insert the instrument through the panel and inside of the clamp.


5. Tighten the adjusting screws until they are snug.


6. Verify that the instrument's bezel is flush with the instrument panel and tighten all screws to the recommended torque.


We recommend the following torque values:


       Round clamps, 5-8 inch pounds of torque. 


ARINC Clamps 1" deep, 5-8 inch pounds of torque.

ARINC clamps 2" deep, 6-10 inch pounds of torque.

ARINC clamps 4" deep, 8-12 inch pounds of torque.

ARINC shelf clamps,  8-12 inch pounds of torque.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact us via. Telephone, or Email.

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