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  New Products

Heavy Duty ARINC Mount

Heavy Duty ARINC 3ATI Mount         (anti vibration)


AMI Now offers the MS28042-1 Stainless Steel Clamp.

AMI now offers the MS28055-12 Bezel Assembly


AMI's new 3921021 clamp is designed to mount instruments recording flight safety information.

3971030-3 clamp

AMI's new 3971030-3 clamp is designed to mount both the Bendix/King KI 525A instrument and the Bendix/King KNI582 Instruments in the Department of Homeland Security's Customs and Border Patrol helicopters.

At Avionics Mounts Inc. we make MS28042-1A, N

Avionics Mounting Clamps


Since 1943 Avionics Mounts Inc. (AMI) has been manufacturing and selling precision aerospace MS28042 and ARINC 408A avionics mounting clamps. Avionics Mounts' new unibody design,  (Patent #7832699 B2 )  eliminates the continuity problems across the band and lug, and provides a stronger, lighter aerospace instrument mounting clamp with superior holding capabilities. No other company offers these superior aircraft avionics mounting products. See the AMI Advantage page for more information on instrument mounting clamps. 



Formerly MSP Inc. in Nashville, IN. and Marion Screw Products in Marion Indiana. *See note below*


Avionics Mounts Inc. is an aerospace company located in Nashville, Indiana, we manufacture and sell competitive Superior Avionics Mounting products. Our competitor's products are typically referred to as: Aerospace Instrument Clamps, Avionics Instrument Mounts, Avionics Panel Mounts, Avionics Clamps, Marman ARINC clamps, Marmon Clamps, Aeroquip clamps, Aircraft Instrument Mounts, Dexter Wilson Clamps, Shelf Clamps, Round Clamps, MSP clamps, MSP Aviation clamps, MSP Instrument mounts, MSP Aviation Panel Mounts, Instrument Clamps, Instrument Mounting Clamps, MSP Aviation clamp equivalents, Marman clamps equivalents, Avionics Mounts, MS28055-11 Bezels. you can find our equivalent parts and buy them here.





     *Please Note*

        (On May 30, 2002 Avionics Mounts Inc. sold its old designs of MSP clamps and MSP instrument housings, and the right to use the MSP Inc. name to a third party, but retained ownership of the MSP Corporation. As part of the sales contract, MSP Inc. agreed to a 5 year non-compete and to change its name from MSP Inc.  The non-compete expired in 2007 and we now offer our newer, better designed products under the name Avionics Mounts Inc. We wish to emphasize that our company is no longer affiliated with the MSP Inc. trademark nor is endorsed by the company that purchased our old designs, trademark, and name. See our company history page for more details. )





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